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Here we will install the 01 & up Ford Ranger High Beam Kit in a 2003 Ford Ranger.

Let’s open the hood and get started.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 1.jpg

On the drivers side of the truck, you will remove the head light.

First, remove the two 7mm bolts that hold the upper head light cover on.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 2.jpg

Next you need to pull up the two head light retainer slides. You may have to pull hard on them.

Make sure not to pull the retainers all the way out!

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 3.jpg

Next unplug the 9007 head light bulb socket also the turn signal bulb, so you can remove the head light.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 4.jpg

Inside on the core support you will see a 10mm nut that is on a ground post.

Remove the nut and install the conversion box and the BLACK ground wire ring terminal.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 5.jpg

It should look like this when installed.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 6.jpg

The next step will take a few minutes. Unhook the fog light socket from the bulb, and bring the wiring up through the core support so you can work on it.

You will have to undo a couple of push-in clips that are taped to the harness.

You will also have to unplug a round shaped socket and bring it up as well.

Be careful, and take your time.

Install a T-Tap to the TAN / ORANGE wire.

Do Not Connect To The BLACK wire!

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 7.jpg

After you install the T-Tap, plug in the BLUE wire from the conversion box.

Re-tape the harness for the OEM appearance.

Re-install the fog light wire and plug it back in.

It should look like this installed.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 8.jpg

Install the other T-Tap to the high beam positive wire, should be a GREEN wire with a BLACK stripe.

Plug in the WHITE wire from the conversion box to this T-Tap.

Re-tape the harness for OEM appearance.

It will look like this installed.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 9.jpg

Locate the fuse box panel remove the lid, and this side access panel cover.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 10.jpg

Remove the 10mm nut on the inner side of the positive access post.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 11.jpg

Install the long loomed wire with the ring terminal, to this post.

Re-install the 10mm nut.

Don't Over Tighten The Nut!

Re-install the fuse box cover and lid.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 12.jpg

Check your work, then tuck away the extra wiring with the supplied zip ties.

Re-install the head light and take your time aligning the mounting studs.

Re-install the upper head light cover with the two 7mm bolts.

01-Up Ranger I_I Pic 13.jpg

If you have any questions about your install, please contact us at:


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