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04-14 FORD F150

Here we will install the 04-14 Ford F150 High Beam Kit in a 2005 Ford F150.

Let’s open the hood and get started, and remove the passengers side head light.

Remove the sockets from the head light.

To mount the conversion box remove the bolt that connects the fender to the core support.

04-14 F150 I_I Pic 1.jpg

Now mount the conversion box with the BLACK ground wire under the bolt head.

Clean back the wiring so you can work with it.

You will see three wires on the head light socket, install a T-Tap to the wire on the right side.

On the wiring socket, there is a letter "C" under the wire connection.

04-14 F150 I_I Pic 2.jpg

Next unplug the fog light socket and bring the wiring up so you can work on it.

Clean back the wiring so you can see the wiring colors.

Install a T-Tap on the ORANGE wire, and plug in the BLUE wire from the conversion box.

Plug in the WHITE wire from the conversion box to the T-Tap on the high beam wire.

04-14 F150 I_I Pic 3.jpg

Take the long loomed wire with the FUSE LINK on the end and connect it to the positive post on the battery.

04-14 F150 I_I Pic 4.jpg

Turn on the high beams and check your work.

Tuck back all the wiring with the supplied zip ties.

Install the head light and your done.


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