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This is complete instructions to change your 94-98 Chevy or GMC work truck.

To the 94-98 Chevy Silverado front end.

Here we will go step by step and complete the conversion.

First off, let’s make sure we have all the needed parts to complete this task.

You will need:
38Pc 88-98 Work Truck To Silverado Install Kit

Both Head Light Assemblies

We have all the parts available on our website to complete this job.

1) We are starting with a 1995 Chevy work truck.


Make sure you have enough room to work comfortable around your truck and get to your parts for the job.

Pop open the hood and let’s get started.


2) Start by taking off the grill. Unscrew the fasteners at these points.


3) Unscrew the parking lights and remove them.


4) Twist the sockets to the left to remove them out of the lights.


5) Behind the parking lights there is another grill mounting point on each side. Remove the fasteners.


6) Between the grill and the core support there are 3 mounting points for the center filler. Look at their connection and you can see the grill pops out of the filler, and the filler stays mounted to the truck. Remove the grill from the truck and place face down.


7) Remove the emblem from the truck if needed to use on the new grill.


8) Remove the sealed beam head lights and cut off the head light sockets.

Strip the wiring so we can connect the new 9006/9005 head light sockets.

The wiring for the left side or driver side is BLUE = ground, BROWN = low beam 9006, GREEN = high beam 9005.

The wiring for the right side or passenger side is BLUE = ground, BROWN = low beam 9006, GREEN = high beam 9005.

For best connection, solder the wiring together and heat shrink the connection.

Go ahead and get your 9006/9005 head light sockets and take one wire from each socket (does not matter which one) and solder them to the BLUE wire from the stock wiring on the truck.

This completes the ground for both sockets.

Next, solder the remaining wire from the 9006 socket to the BROWN wire.

Next, solder the remaining wire from the 9005 socket to the GREEN wire.

Be sure to heat shrink for best protection!

Go ahead and complete the head light sockets on the other side at this point.


9) Now take the outer parking light socket on each side and splice back the ground wire,

and the parking light wire, so there is about 1/2 bare wire for connection.
Take your 194 socket from the work truck install kit and solder the ground to the ground wire on the truck and the other wire from the 194 socket to the parking light wire.


10) Now mount your head light assemblies with the bolts from the work truck install kit.

All the core supports have the mounting points for the head lights threaded and ready for install!

At this point, let’s check all our wiring to make sure we're correct and all the lights come on.


11) At this point we should be looking like this with the head lights installed.


12) Now take the new grill and insert the 8 plastic clips for the parking lights.


13) Install the corner lights and the emblem at this time with the speed nuts from the work truck install kit.


14) Your grill assembly should look like this when ready to install.


15) Now slide the grill assembly over the head lights and plug in the side lower lights to the 194 sockets,

then install the bottom of the grill to the center filler on the truck.

Be sure the mounting points for the top of the grill are centered over the mounting holes.

Be sure to pull the 4 sockets for the parking lights out of the parking light holes in the grill,

before you mount the grill to the truck!!


16) Take the new parking lights and install the sockets. They will fit snug and just about line up exact.


17) Screw the parking lights into the grill with the screws from the work truck install kit and you should look like this when you’re done!


18) Clean off your tools and supplies and close the hood.


19) One last time check your lights.

The parking lights work.


20) The low beam head lights work.


21) The high beam head lights work.

**on this truck we also installed the high beam conversion head lights**
(not included with basic kit, but is available)

Everything works and is complete.

If you have any questions, please call us directly:
419-947-6955 x1

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