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19 & Up Ford Ranger High Beam & Fog Light Kit
  • 19 & Up Ford Ranger High Beam & Fog Light Kit

    SKU: 150398567910

    4 Light high beam fog conversion kit for your


    o   2019 to Current Ford Ranger


    This kit turns your fog lights on when your high beam lights turn on, without drawing more power off your stock head light wiring harness.


    This gives you all 4 lights on for extra visibility and safety!


    American made product, assembled in Edison Ohio!


    o   Comes with easy to install instructions


    o   Comes with all needed hardware for install


    o   Only 1 kit needed per vehicle


    o   Works with HID head lights


    o   Works with LED head lights


    o   Works with all 2WD & 4WD vehicles


    o   Fits all models listed


    o   Works with or without factory fog lights


    o   Can also work with aftermarket fog lights


    o   All connections are soldered & or heat shrunk


    o   Power supply ran in heat-resistant wire loom


    o   Has a dual fuse system for added security if damage occurs


    o   Completely reversible & safe!


    o    Buy back guarantee!


    o   Lifetime warranty


    o   Replacement warranty


    o   Collision warranty


    o   Transferable warranty


    o   This is the most complete high beam kit you can purchase for your vehicle!


    With this kit installed, anytime the high beam lights are on, so are the fog lights, giving you all 4 lights on!


    *This kit does not include any type of lights * You must have existing head lights & fog lights to make this kit work properly*


    If you would like the option of controlling the low beam lights and fog lights, then we suggest adding a hide-away switch kit.


    We also offer battery terminal extenders for side post batteries. This gives you a safe access point to install your high beam kit or other accessories you may want to install on your ride. These are not required, but can be useful if needed.


    * This kit does not include any type of lights. You must have existing lights to make this kit work properly *

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