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Switch Kit
  • Switch Kit


    This is a switch kit for use with our high beam kits.


    With this switch kit installed, you can have the option of controlling your stock functions on your vehicle.


    This switch can be easily hidden in your interior


    We suggest you get a switch kit if you do a lot of highway driving or if you just want maximum control over your night time driving & vision


    Included in this kit

    About 6 Feet of double stranded wiring in sheathing

    1 Switch w/leads

    4 Butt connectors


    The contents of this kit are all placed in one convenient accessory bag and shipped directly to you.


    We offer in options:

    Switch kit & 1 battery terminal extender, as well as

    Switch kit & 2 battery terminal extenders. 

    (These are not required for installation of our kits, but often bought together.)


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